Price Management

The freedom to stand out

When it comes to creating odds, we’re flexible. Outsource everything to us or just certain parts – what works best for you? Whether your business is big or small, our goal is to take your sportsbook to the next level. We have a winning record. The world's biggest sportsbooks are managed by us. We use clever maths to offer sharp prices across all sports and markets – and your profits go up. It’s a no brainer.

Power your sportsbook with hundreds and thousands of fixtures

PreMatch Manager

Feature the widest range of fixtures on the market – we’re talking all sports. It means your customers will always have something to bet on, whatever they’re into.

All markets are compiled and traded by our in-house team, so you can focus on what you do best. We help you keep better tabs on competitors’ pricing, giving you the edge to stay on top.

• Our coverage includes all sports and hundreds of pre-match bet types.

• Rely on global expertise and customer support in Europe and the Americas.

• Keep an eye on the competition with our market monitoring service.

Bucket loads of fixtures

Explore thousands of fixtures and markets at your fingertips, including a broad range of exclusive content.

You’re in safe hands

Feature accurate, constantly verified fixtures that you can always rely on.

Shape your own pricing

Tailor your prices to suit you and your customers’ needs, so you can outdo the competition.

Settle bets faster

Don’t keep customers hanging around. We settle pre-match bets quicker than anyone else on the market.

A world of live odds awaits

InPlay Manager

Bring your sportsbook to life with InPlay Manager, the world’s leading live odds service. There’s a reason we’re trusted by over 150 of the world’s largest sportsbooks, InPlay Manager is proven to keep profits rising whatever the sport or market.

• Our coverage includes all sports and hundreds of in-play bet types.

• Rely on global expertise and customer support in Europe and the Americas

• Keep an eye on the competition with our market monitoring service

• Fine-tune your settings to adapt trading strategy in real-time

Excite your players

Offer your customers hundreds of thousands of in-play fixtures, including a wide range of exclusive content.

Leave the pricing to us

Our pricing automatically updates as the action happens, giving you a complete in-play betting product with no fuss.

Trade in the moment

Leave prices to us or adjust them yourself. You can take control of an event at any time.

Fast settlements

Never keep customers waiting with instant bet settlement.

Give your customers more control


When players are inspired, they bet. BetBuilder lets your customers create the exact accumulator they want, all within a single game. Not only do your players stay gripped, but your profits will look pretty good too.

• Get unmatched betting and market combinations.

• Plug in an intuitive interface that’s easy to use.

• Set sharp pricing that puts you ahead of the field.

• Get up and running quickly with a simple integration.

Keep the excitement going right to the final whistle

High Availability Cash Out

This is cash out with a difference. While most cash out functions are switched off towards the end of games, we keep it open for the entire game. This is proven to drive in-play turnover, because more time means more action.

• Change settings at a market level including suspension settings, market lifetime and applied overround.

• Include raw probabilities for the best possible cash out pricing.

• Offer cash out on all handicap lines across high-scoring events

Trading feeds. You’re covered.

Feed Aggregator

Take more control over your strategy by trading single events using multiple feed providers. When one trading feed isn’t working, just switch to another – it’s that simple. There’s no fussing around, downtime becomes a thing of the past.

The freedom of choice

We work with all major third party feeds, giving you a host of options to choose from.

Making things simpler

From pre-match to in-play, we match events from multiple different feeds to give you one, unified fixture hierarchy.

Say goodbye to downtime

If your feed is playing up, no problem. You’ll automatically be switched to the next best one.

Always ready to go

No matter where the feed comes from, we make sure that all incoming data is processed and normalised so it works for you straight away.

Take control of your sportsbook